Partial Non-Binding Summary of Express Warranty

INCOE CORPORATION (“INCOE”) warrants to buyer those products (or portions thereof) that INCOE manufactures to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the periods given in the table below. The warranty term is measured from the date of shipment from INCOE for the periods provided in the INCOE General Terms and Conditions of Sale referenced below (“INCOE Warranty”). INCOE’s exclusive obligation and buyer’s exclusive remedy under the INCOE Warranty is limited to repair (by INCOE or INCOE’s designated representative) or replacement of parts, FOB INCOE, at INCOE’s sole discretion.

INCOE will assign to buyer whatever assignable warranty INCOE receives on product sold by INCOE but not manufactured by INCOE. The INCOE Warranty and the repair or replacement remedy on INCOE manufactured product and INCOE’s obligations on all product sold by INCOE are subject to further conditions, limitations and disclaimers of implied warranties contained in INCOE’s General Terms and Conditions of Sale, which are located on our website These are subject to change without notice prior to any sale. Thus, this Partial Summary is not a binding document. The INCOE Warranty does not cover, for example only, the following:

  1. Repair or replacement due to normal wear, or damage caused during maintenance, repair or use.
  2. Damage from failure to follow recommended maintenance and operating procedures, as outlined in any applicable INCOE manual.
  3. Damage arising from modifications not included in the procedures in any applicable INCOE manual.
  4. Damage to components due to product or mold design.
  5. Damage resulting from the use of unauthorized parts, or authorized parts which are supplied, manufactured or modified by procedures not included in any applicable INCOE manual or the parts list.
  6. Consequential loss, personal injury, damage to goods and/or equipment, work stoppages, delays, or slowdowns in production.
  7. Transportation charges and local sales taxes for replaced or repaired parts.
  8. Expenses resulting from meeting local codes and standards.
  9. Normal maintenance and perishable or wear items.
Hot Runner Systems & Components
Other Than Wear Components
1 Year Wear Components Including
Thermocouples, Valve Gate Sleeve
Seals (Pin Seals), Valve Gate Seals,
Tips & Valve Pins
6 Months
Threaded Nozzle
Hot Runner Systems
Total of 3 Years
Leak Free
(Temperatures / Valve Gate)
2 Years
Nozzle Heaters
3 Years All other Goods
(including Services)

90 days

If replacement parts are to be furnished or claimed under the INCOE Warranty, the buyer must submit a purchase order for the replacement parts and return the failed part to INCOE. Replacement product and a return authorization number will be sent promptly on receipt of purchase order and approval of credit. Upon return of the part and approval by INCOE, a credit memo will be issued if the part is covered under INCOE Warranty. Failure to return the failed part within 30 days of receipt of the replacement part will result in rejection of the warranty claim and the waiver of such claim.

Parts may not be returned without a return authorization number from INCOE. Returned parts must be properly identified with a tag showing the INCOE job number, return authorization number and date, be packaged so as to avoid further damage in shipping, and shipped to the location specified by INCOE. INCOE may deny a warranty claim without liability if this procedure is not followed completely.

The INCOE Warranty may be expanded only by a specific individual contract signed by an INCOE officer.

(2/19/19) (1495324.5)


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