Click on the possible problem you may be experiencing below to reveal a solution. If you cannot find an answer contact your local INCOE Representative.

Gate Freezing
Single Nozzle Freezing at Rear Head
Gate Cap Broken
Gate Cap Leakage
Nozzle Does Not Attain Set Point
Single Nozzle Cracks at Nozzle Head
Gate is Dripping, Drooling or Stringing
Cap Front is Sticking
Gate Vestige Too Long (ST/CT)
Burn Marks on Molded Part
Color Marks on Molded Part
Leakage Between Nozzles and Manifold, or on Extension Nozzle
Extension nozzle freezing
Set Point Temperature Variation
Threads Do Not Move
Burned Material in Channels
Valve Pin Does Not Move
Gate Sticking
Gate Not Closing Well
Cylinder Locking Nut becomes Loose
Valve Pin Leakage - Adjustable Type
Valve Pin Leakage - Non Adjustable Type
Valve Pin Leakage - Oil Leakage
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