March 18 2008
Things could not have gone more smoothly...
- Lomont

Hi Dan!

Just to let you know, Lomont was very pleased with your help at their start up for "Fasta Pasta"!! Things could not have gone more smoothly for them and they were thankful for all your help. As you and I know, this quick transition from start up to production was critical for them to deliver parts immediately to their customer.

Randy Sperry (Lomont) presented a larger prototype of the existing "Fasta Pasta" to QVC on Sunday and they were ecstatic!! Decision should be made next week for this new program. It will involve an additional three tools. This program is also a benchmark for Lomont, Not only is it their first valve gate (success), but they also conquered the learning curve if making their own plates. Randy is not sure if it saved them much money, but he now knows they have that capability. They couldn't be happier!!

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