January 27 2014
Your outstanding service...
- Material Scheduler / Planner Global Electric Motor OEM

Mr. Bott 

Thank you so much.  I really appreciate all the attention, help and above and beyond service Jason and your team has showed us in this shut down situation very late on a Friday night.  Jason was very helpful, skilled and knowledgeable.  Once I gave him the manifold number and the part # he knew exactly what I wanted, what radius to put in it, and my options.  While I couldn't do the expeditor and couldn't really wait for UPS to pick up on Monday the extra effort for you to get it to UPS today was very appreciated.  We are a growing company under new management with a lot of exciting new projects coming up and your outstanding service has reminded us once again why Incoe products and services are our choice.  We look forward to doing more business with you in the future.  Have a great weekend and Thank you again for all your help.


Material Scheduler / Planner

Global Electric Motor OEM




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