July 16 2013
I want to thank you personally for the strong support...
- Vice President of Engineering of a Tier 1 Automotive Molder

Mr. Bott:

I want to thank you personally for the strong support that David Boyle, and INCOE USA has given to us over the past few years, since the inception of our business relationship.

We had struggled for years to find a hot manifold partner in the United States that could meet our high quality requirements, short lead times, quick spare part shipments and cost expectations; while being patient with some of our more “unique” cultural nuances.  Your company’s performance in these areas to date has been truly impressive and appreciated; making INCOE our specified manifold source.

In addition, I would like to thank you for INCOE’s coordination of our visit to your Shanghai facility in April 2013. The facility and staff were very impressive, and their support appreciated.  Having such a reliable facility to support our China tool building initiative is key to our growth and success in the region.

From my first meeting with David, I was impressed by his knowledge, willingness to understand our needs and to work at our pace.  David is always evaluating our concepts and situation, making sure we get exactly what we need. In addition, he also looks for ways to save time and money that could benefit us and our customers in additional ways. This is not only refreshing, but again truly appreciated; he is an excellent and valued partner. David’s follow-up and general caring for our people and our business is a rare find in this day and age, and hopefully does not go unnoticed by your organization.

In summary, we are very impressed with your entire team and services. Please thank David, and everyone who supports our molding company, for a job well done and challenge them to keep up the great work! You have a great global organization, and I hope that we can continue to partner with you for the foreseeable future.


Vice President of Engineering
Tier 1 Automotive Molder

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