August 28 2009
We could not do it without the support...
- Mark Caron ~ Fischer Automotive Systems

  I’m writing you to express my appreciation towards one of your employees – Jeremy Marsh. Fischer Automotive Systems is dedicated to purchasing all of our hot runner systems from Incoe for a number of reasons, mostly being your support. We currently are constructing many of our tools in China with Incoe being available for the installs with good results. Once our tools arrive in Auburn Hills we rely on your Troy facility for readily available parts when needed, usually the day of. Their have been times when we called upon your technical staff to help us through “dire straights” (it seems like it always happens around 5:00 P.M. unfortunately). Jeremy has offered his knowledge and professionalism, more than a few times, after hours on his way home with verbal and hands on support to get us back up and molding again. I want to thank you for having people like Jeremy, working for Incoe, helping companies like ours be productive. We could not do it without the support that Jeremy has given us!

Thank you,
Mark Caron
Process Engineer
Fischer Automotive Systems

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