September 14 2009
You have NO competition.
- Rich Simonson ~ Dir. Manufacturing - MPC

Dear INCOE Corporation

The automotive industry we both work in can be extremely demanding from an operations and service perspective. Recently MPC was faced with a situation involving a competitor’s hot runner system failing beyond repair, requiring immediate action. The tool was a “take-over” tool that MPC acquired about 10 months prior. MPC was a tier 2 supplier to Ford Motor Company. The situation was very frustrating on many levels, and shutting down a Ford assembly line seemed likely.

As chance would have it, this problem occurred on the heels of the Labor day weekend – Friday afternoon. Once MPC determined the competitor’s hot runner system was un-repairable, Incoe was contacted and asked to the impossible. Ford Motor Company, ACH, and MPC needed Incoe to work the majority of Labor Day Weekend to have this mold back in production as soon as possible. It was a request that required others to sacrifice holiday and family time for the support of someone they didn’t know.

The service and professionalism of Incoe Hot Runner systems was beyond expectation. They calmly and cooperatively implemented a plan with resources to meet our needs. Working closely with our tool maker, Industrial Molds, Rockford, IL, they collaborated on design, resources, and timing to produce a flawless recovery. While I’m not as old as some, in my 15+ years in the auto industry, I’ve NEVER seen such focused performance under such conditions. To punctuate Incoe’s commitment on MPC’s relationship, the invoice for costs listed normal un-expedited expense.

Our appreciation for your performance and commitment to MPC cannot be expressed in words. You have instilled trust and respect within MPC that typically requires years to build.  Please accept and convey to your team members responsible for this effort our deepest appreciation and praise for a job very well done.

You have NO competition.

Rich Simonson
MPC – Walworth, Wi
Director of Manufacturing

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