December 6 2007
Thank you for your outstanding support to General Electric...
- Mark Finke ~ General Electric

Ralph and Chad,

Thank you for your outstanding support to General Electric on training our maintenance people on your product, Your outstanding customer service along with a quality product is the reason we specified Incoe manifold system to be used in this mold. In this day of companies cutting back, we greatly appreciated the extra effort the Incoe puts forth of keep their customer number one. This mold has the smoothest start up of any mold we have ever built.  I feel a large reason for this is due to all the up front work that Incoe did on the Mild Flow analysis and the manifold design. Our guys have really appreciated the training and felt it was very helpful.

Again, I want to say thank you and your extra efforts are recognized and valued.

Thank you,
Mark Finke
General Electric

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