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I-Series Model IC-15A Temperature Controller
temperature controller Temperature control for up to 48 zones at an economical price.

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  • 240/230 VAC single phase operation input voltage
  • Input power range 90-250VAC
  • Max output power 3600w (15 amps)
  • Frequency 60HZ/50Hz
  • Very easy to use and robust construction
  • Soft start routine
  • Adjustable Min / Max temperature set point limits
  • Automatic Controller start up or restart sequence when power is applied
  • Continuous auto-tuning
  • Built in load protection if Triac module should be shorted out
  • Dual displays show set temp and actual
  • Standby temperature feature
  • Boost feature
  • Option of J or K type thermocouples
  • 10 Error Codes

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