RCS MeltFlipper
Cold Runner Systems from Beaumont Technologies

RCS Systems The positive results for customers using the Opti-Flo manifold technology with patented Beaumont Technologies MeltFlipper has been proven in application. INCOE and Beaumont Technologies have extended their agreement to include Cold Runner technology featuring design services and the new Rheological Control System (RCS) mold inserts provided by Beaumont Technologies. This allows customers to work with INCOE or Beaumont Technologies regardless of what melt delivery system they require.  

Beaumont Technologies’ patented RCS strategically reposition the high sheared laminates within the runner system and parts to resolve the many molding problems caused by shear imbalances. These systems provide users with the ability to optimize material conditions and flow to-and-within each cavity of a mold, regardless of whether it is a single cavity or multi-cavity mold. The result is an unprecedented level of cavity-to-cavity balance with the ability to alter and optimize filling patterns to meet a specific
part quality goal.

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