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DF8 Back-to-Back Valve Gate Hydraulic / Pneumatic


INCOE’s Back-To-Back design eliminates the offset requirement found on standard valve gate systems. The design can reduce costs for mold construction and offers a compact size. With a smaller mold size, a reduced machine size may be realized.

Nozzle Design
Back-To-Back systems utilize the DFQ nozzle design featuring a threaded base which screws directly into the manifold.


Shot Weights
This DF8 (8mm channel) is ideal for 30g-375g shot weights in the following industries and applications:


DF8 Back-to-Back Valve Gate
Hydraulic / Pneumatic
Aerospace Aerospace Appliances Appliances
Automotive Automotive Caps/Closures/Packaging Caps/Closures/Packaging
Multicolor Multicolor Multi Component Multi Component
Medical Medical Multi Material Multi Material
Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Technical/Electronics Technical/Electronics
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