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GSC2 Gate Sequence Control

INCOE's GSC2 Gate Sequence Control features patented technology that provides injection molders optimum control on the most demanding applications. GSC2 is designed for simultaneous, precise and repeatable valve gate pin opening and closing. Valve pin actuation can be controlled in simultaneous or sequential fashion and initiated by either volume, cavity pressure or time. Process parameters can be displayed and stored for diagnostic ability.

GSC2 processing benefits include:
•    Weld Line Positioning or Elimination
•    Consistent Part Weights in Family Molds
•    Clamp Force Reduction
•    Reduction of Warpage or Flash from Over-packing
•    Superior Surface Quality for In-Mold Decorating and Painted or Chromed Parts
•    Touch screen or laptop user display
•    Large storage capability of process parameters

For more product information, download the GSC2 brochure here.

INCOE's GSC2 is ideal for the following industries / applications: 


Gate Sequence Control
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