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I-Series Model IC-15A Economical and Efficient Control for 1-48 zones

Our next generation of I-Series Model IC-15A hot runner temperature control technology delivers a new level of processing control. Modular by design, these controllers are specifically engineered for cost effective hot runner performance.

Features include:
•    240/230 VAC single phase operation input voltage
•    Input power range 90-250VAC
•    Max output power 3600w (15 amps)
•    Frequency 60HZ/50Hz
•    Very easy to use and robust construction
•    Soft start routine

User selected controls include:
•    2 soft start routines
•    Adjustable Min / Max temperature set point limits
•    Controller lock out feature
•    Automatic Controller start up or restart sequence when power is applied
•    Continuous auto-tuning
•    Built in load protection if Triac module should be shorted out
•    Dual displays show set temp and actual


For more product information, download the I-Series Model IC-15A manual here.

The I-SERIES is ideal for the following applications and industries:


I-Series Model IC-15A
Economical and Efficient Control for 1-48 zones
Aerospace Aerospace Appliances Appliances
Automotive Automotive Caps/Closures/Packaging Caps/Closures/Packaging
Multicolor Multicolor Multi Component Multi Component
Medical Medical Multi Material Multi Material
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