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DFS-5 – Standard Manifold 100mm-250mm

INCOE's DFS 2 and 4 drop manifolds offer standardized, pre-manufactured and ready to finish nozzle drop locations exactly where you require. This design feature allows you to choose a location within set ranges without the lead-time of a custom manifold.

Complete DFS systems with choice of DF5, DF8 and DF12 nozzles, are delivered completely assembled, tested and ready to install.

Nozzle Series
Shot Size
 DF5 (5 mm channel)  <110g

The DFS-5 2-Drop Inline Systems Manifold has a Pitch Range of 100-250mm and is ideal for the following applications and industries:


DFS-5 – Standard Manifold
Aerospace Aerospace Appliances Appliances
Automotive Automotive Caps/Closures/Packaging Caps/Closures/Packaging
Multicolor Multicolor Multi Component Multi Component
Medical Medical Multi Material Multi Material
Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Technical/Electronics Technical/Electronics
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