October 19 2016

INCOE® International Europe - Getting Plastic into Shape at K2016


Rödermark, October 2016

Getting plastic into shape – INCOE® at the K2016

Integrated efficiency: user-friendliness and operational reliability with INjection COntrol Engineering

Rödermark, October 2016 While presenting its new and existing products and services at the International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber in Düsseldorf from October 19 - 26, 2016, hot runner manufacturer INCOE will focus, in addition to addressing important markets, on user-friendliness and operational reliability, achieved by efficiency already integrated in its services and products. The aim is to provide the customer with the most simple and secure, or rather simply secure, process solutions, which include supporting customers worldwide, making complex processes more secure and above all, manageable and uncomplicated while still being efficient. Accordingly all topics are geared towards target markets and customer benefits.


AUTOMOTIVE - Injection with pinpoint accuracy: The new slim DF 12 nozzle with patented MultiPower heater

The new DF 12 nozzle, which is presented for launch in the European market, is characterized by a tight installation space, the option to obtain very long nozzles and an optimal temperature profile. Its reduced outer dimensions and simplified mold cut out are based on the patented MultiPower heater. Through its monoblock construction, it offers optimal thermal control over the entire length of the nozzle and for the injection molder, optimal processing conditions - with only two heating zones up to a length of 600 mm. This not only saves on heating zones, but also costs. Designed as an easy-to-handle replaceable heater, it contains fully integrated heating wires, easily interchangeable thermocouples and a central cable outlet at the nozzle head. The target markets for this new development are wherever there are tight spaces with gates deep in the mold that need to be injected, such as the back injection of natural fiber mats for the manufacture of lightweight components for the automotive industry.


AUTOMOTIVE - Powerful miniature cylinder completes new slim nozzle; A powerful team: The new slim DF 12 nozzle and the practical HEM cylinder

In order to maintain the advantage of the compact design of the new slim DF 12 nozzle, associated components must not be dimensioned too large. Therefore, INCOE has developed the hydraulic miniature valve gate cylinder, HEM. Its user-friendly construction concept with elements such as the adjustable shut-off valve pin when installed – also through the mold plate – or the patented thermal separation between the cylinder and manifold, which makes post-cooling after operation superfluous, ensures easy and efficient handling as well as high operational reliability.


MULTI-CAVITY Top molding efficiency with tiny cavity spacing - Slimming solution for the DF 5 nozzle results in benefits for multi-cavity molds

After a successful introduction in the D-A-CH region, the new slim DF 5 will be presented to the European public. With the new heater, the outer diameter of the nozzle was reduced by almost 25%, thereby allowing thermal control over the entire length of the nozzle to be further optimized. This reduced the minimum distance between two nozzles from 22 mm to 18 mm, which was further reduced to 16 mm by adapting the nozzle shank. Result: The nozzles can be tightly screwed to the manifold which creates a pre-assembled all-in-one system, ready-to-go, which is able to inject into injection gating points located close to each other. Thus, one can take advantage of the screwed-in nozzles while also setting minimal cavity distances, an important prerequisite for efficient injection molding with multi-cavity tools.


MULTI-CAVITY Compact injection module for gating in the narrowest of spaces; Advantage: Ready-to-go all-in-one system with slim screwed-in DF 5 nozzles

The 12 drop hot runner system with the new DF 5 nozzles at the INCOE fair stand is quite small, but packs a punch: With a footprint of 80 x 80 mm, it has 12 injection points which, with a length of 180 mm, can be directed deeply into the mold. This is made possible with the new slim DF 5 nozzle. Naturally balanced as per the Direct-Flo™ concept, with nozzles tightly screwed in the manifold, a compact injection module has been created for minimal cavity distances - ideal for efficient injection molding with multi-cavity molds or for difficult-to-reach gating points.


MELT LOGISTICS - The smart melt flow - simply implemented Highest surface, molded part and process quality by gentle injection with SoftGate®

The SoftGate® valve pin velocity control is a core product for process optimization through hot runner technology. It allows the flow cross-section of the hydraulic actuated valve pin nozzles to be continuously released, and the required valve opening time can be set and gentle injection ensured. In addition, due to the control of melt flow during cascade injection molding, for example, all changes in pressure and velocity of the melt occurring during the process are much better coordinated, resulting in a continuous melt stream and an explosion is avoided. For this INCOE® values user-friendly viability: The largest possible customer benefit with a reasonable amount of added technology. SoftGate® is supplied without additional control technology and is easy to handle.


Slim DF12 w/ Multipower heating
Pinpoint injection in tight spaces
HEM with New Slim DF12
DF12 with MultiPower heater
Slim DF 5 with SBH heating
Narrow cavity-to-cavity distances

Slim DF 5 Multi-cavity SoftGate
Slim screwed-in DF 5 nozzles
Concentrated injection power
SoftGate® valve pin control provides
highest surface quality through gentle injection


Learn more at the INCOE K2016 trade fair stand, located in Hall 01, Stand B11.


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