November 21 2014

INCOE® International Europe introduces powerful miniature hydraulics at Euromold 2014


Rödermark, November 2014

INCOE® International Europe introduces powerful miniature hydraulics - Creating space in the mould

Rödermark, November 2014 In the automotive industry, back moulding on natural fibre mats to produce e.g., door trims does not mean to produce big plastic parts with large surface areas. It tends instead to be multiple, often small and delicate functional elements, such as stiffening ribs and mounting domes, which are moulded onto the rear of a large component consisting of natural fibre. Compared with conventional plastic components, it is a case of finding enough space within the same surface area for around twice as many valve gate nozzles. This does not leave much room for hydraulic cylinders. Also, the distances to the gates and therefore the nozzle lengths are considerable, because the ejectors are fitted to the fixed side of the mould.

With these applications in mind, INCOE International Europe, based in the German town of Rödermark, presents a valve gate cylinder which is both powerful and highly compact. The new HEM miniature hydraulics widen the choice of possible gating points and create enough space for supply lines –not just because of the smaller dimensions, but also because the outlets for the cooling lines can be arranged in four different directions. And because the HEM can be combined with long nozzles from the DF 12 series, it is ideally suited to moulds used in back moulding on large natural fibre mats.

Operation and maintenance are very reliable and simple. The new patented and improved thermal separation of distributors and cylinders prevents the hydraulic oil reaching critically high temperatures. This helps protect moving parts and seals and means no cooling down is required once production work is complete. The mould maker can also fit the cylinder flush against the mounting plate or leave a gap as required, as well as removing it without releasing the cooling lines. The valve can be adjusted from the rear.

To find out more, come and visit the INCOE stand at the Euromold trade fair stand, located in Hall 8, Stand N 52.

New INCOE mini hydraulics

Miniature hydraulics yield room when space is tight inside a mould.
One example would be injection moulding of door trims in vehicles.




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