November 12 2014

INCOE® International Europe introduces the HTT-type nozzle tip at Euromold 2014


Rödermark, November 2014

INCOE® International Europe introduces the HTT-type nozzle tip (Many cavities - a single quality)

Rödermark, November 2014 In injection moulding with a high number of cavities and open nozzles, perfect temperature control across each cavity throughout the cycle is needed for even and good filling, as well as a clean separation at the moment of demoulding.

For these applications, INCOE International Europe, of Rödermark, Germany, introduces the HTT-type nozzle tip. The newly designed torpedo ensures optimal material flow in the nozzle tip, systematic temperature management in the gate area, and flat separation.

New is also the geometry and placement of the bridges from which the torpedo is suspended in the flow channel: because the distribution of melt flow is compensated, a largely homogeneous strand free of unwanted molecular orientation leaves the nozzle. In the prechamber area, the flow geometry in the HTT tip provides a good rinsing effect, and that is very helpful for the injection moulder when it comes to achieving the quickest and most reliable colour change possible.

To centre the nozzle in the tool, the torpedo insert is combined with a cap the contact surfaces of which have been optimised for thermal balance.

The HTT nozzle tip has a very broad spectrum of applications, ranging from bulk plastics to technical plastics with a tight processing window -with or without fiberglass - to high-temperature plastics. As is customary at INCOE, the HTT nozzle tip is fully integrated into the modular system of the Direct-Flo™ programme. Depending on the material and application involved, the DF 5 nozzle series can be used from a minimum shot weight of approx. 0.5 g.

Learn more about this topic at the INCOE Euromold trade fair stand, located in Hall 8, Stand N 52.

HTT-type Nozzle Tips

Especially important with high numbers of cavities: The new HTT nozzle tip
by INCOE ensures optimal material flow in the nozzle tip and systematic
temperature management in the gate area.


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