May 28 2013

New quarters for INCOE Cornerstone laid for new European headquarters in Rödermark


Rödermark, May 2013

New quarters for INCOE
laid for new European headquarters in Rödermark

Rödermark, May 2013 –For INCOE International Europe, of Rödermark, Germany, the cornerstone laying on June 12, 2013, marks the beginning of the Company’s move into facilities of its own. The historic ceremony will be attended by CEO Eric Seres, grandson of company founder Alex Seres, and INCOE President Robert Hoff. With General Manager of Europe Operations Gunnar Gramatzki, architect Andreas Müller and other project participants in attendance, the ceremony also sets the stage for a new future for the hot runner manufacturer. In spring 2014, all business areas will take up occupancy in the new administration and production buildings. For INCOE, the project is a decisive step toward optimizing efficiencies for customers across all its processes.

The new complex consists of two adjoining tracts. The site totalling over 14 400 m2 (150,000 square feet) also offers ample parking. There will be nearly 5200 m2 (56,000 square feet) of space for administrative offices and for production available in the foreseeable future, with the option of expansion later on.

Gramatzki sums up the benefit to the Company, and ultimately to suppliers and customers: “Everything is finally under a single roof.” The new facility is the logical outcome of staff and business trends of recent years, as INCOE has grown and become more of a key player in Europe. As the in-house coordinator for the construction project, INCOE Manager Dirk Schubert, explains, the decisive factors for managers and the owner family in the US involved more than just the added space. Along with modern energy concepts and important refinements such as an air-conditioned quality control laboratory, the main thrust is on the new production lines set up according to lean-management principles. That is why the facility includes administrative offices. Efficient products should be produced efficiently, and in this respect the new plant represents a major step forward.


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Computer rendering of the new INCOE International Europe plant in Rödermark, planned to the very latest standards, showing the L-shaped office building and adjoining production hall; total area approx. 5200 m2 (56,000 square feet)


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