November 20 2012

Improved reliability for multi-cavity applications



November, 2012

Improved reliability for multi-cavity applicationsAdvantages for assembly and production with screwed-in hot runner nozzles

Rödermark, Germany - Improved reliability for multi-cavity applications

At Euromold 2012 in Frankfurt, INCOE International of Rödermark, Germany, uses a 32-cavity integrated hot runner system (complete hot runner system) to demonstrate the advantages of using screwed-in nozzles on multi-cavity moulds. This concept ensures a firm and leak-proof connection regardless of the operating point and the material involved, while offering the mould maker low production and assembly costs and the manufacturer a high level of reliability.

The decisive benefit of the screw-in approach lies in the form-fitting connection without the risk of leaks between nozzles and manifolds that can arise due to a reduction in clamping force in the network of mould plates, bolts and support elements. Servicing such as this interrupts production and results in considerable maintenance costs. A further advantage of the bolted connection cuts costs straight away: there is no need for a nozzle retainer plate to support the nozzle heads, or for clamping connections between nozzles and manifold. Also eliminated are the supporting and reinforcement elements to prevent plate sag. Because there are no contact surfaces to the mould in the transition area between nozzle and manifold, heat losses into the mould are prevented at this point as well.

INCOE offers its customers the 'Integrated Hot Runner System' as a plug & play concept. The mould maker has a pre-assembled ready-to-go system and simply bolts this to the clamping plate on the mould. Assembly in the mould is quick to complete, too, and almost the entire servicing of the hot runner system can be carried out on the machine, saving costs and time.


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The concept of pre-assembled ready-to-go hot runner systems with screwed-in nozzles for small moulded parts and multi-cavity moulds offers the mould maker low production and assembly effort, and the moulder a high level of reliability.


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