December 19 2012

IML: Direct gating on touchscreen film with SoftGate®



December, 2012

IML: Direct gating on touchscreen film with SoftGate®INCOE® valve pin speed control optimises production of a new functional component for décors

Rödermark, Germany - IML: Direct gating on touchscreen film with SoftGate®

Using the SoftGate® valve pin speed control produced by hot runner manufacturer INCOE International Europe, Rödermark, Leonhard Kurz Stiftung GmbH & Co KG, Fürth, and Roth Werkzeugbau GmbH, Wiebelsdorf, have enriched an innovative production method in the IMD/IML (In-Mould Decoration, In-Mould Labelling) area by adding an important process optimisation. As the component, approx. three millimetres thick, is produced, plastic melt is injected between two films, one of which is also fitted with circuits to create an electrical functional film for use with controls. Kurz worked with its subsidiary PolyIC to develop this linkage of function and decoration in a single production step.

In this application, the technology provided by INCOE permits vertical direct gating onto the film without damaging or shifting the film. What was once accomplished by gating via an additional cold sub-runner is now taken care of by SoftGate®, by means of its valve pin speed control: with controlled, relatively slow yet smooth opening, SoftGate® provides gentle melt flow directly onto the film, coating it completely and bonding well with it without damaging it thermally or mechanically. Gating directly onto the film offers considerable benefits: the utmost surface quality, problem-free integration of circuitry, production with nearly no reworking, and no sprue waste whatsoever.

Presented at Euromold, this technology – the combination of IMD and IML technologies – was developed by Leonhard Kurz Stiftung & Co. KG in collaboration with PolyIC GmbH & Co. KG, both of Fürth, and developed by Roth with the design and production of a series-ready mould. The finishing touches for smooth, “one step” production were performed by machine manufacturer Krauss-Maffei of Munich. According to initial reports from the automotive industry, the method possesses enough potential to unleash ‘a little revolution’ in the automotive interiors field, thanks to weigh savings, operational reliability, and possibly also savings of cost and time in component production.



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Gating directly onto the film: efficient production of the finest surface quality, with no sprue waste, thanks to the SoftGate® valve pin speed control

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