November 13 2012

Hot runner technology: optimised material flow with new nozzle tips



November, 2012

Hot runner technology: optimised material flow with new nozzle tipSecure colour changes and engineered resins are the focus of new developments by INCOE

Rödermark, Germany - Hot runner technology: optimised material flow with new nozzle tips

Hot runner manufacturer INCOE International Europe of Rödermark, Germany, presents two new products for nozzle tips at Euromold 2012, emphasising secure colour changes and optimisation of engineered resins.

The newly developed HT nozzle tip was specially designed for demanding engineered resins, particularly for processing at high temperatures. The Torpedo is centred in the hot runner gate and is held from behind by crosspieces so that the melt can exit into a central ring channel. Heat conduction is symmetrically led up to the exit point. The torpedo tip can ensure a small vestige height. This new product gives customers the benefit of the INCOE concept of maximum modularity: the HT nozzle tip fits in the end cap of the ST tip and is easy to replace if needed.

The new VIX nozzle tip for valve gate nozzles makes considerable improvements for colour changes. The modifications in geometry permit much speedier production of perfect components in a different colour, as numerous customer trials have confirmed. The VIX nozzle tip is suitable for hydraulic and pneumatic systems alike.


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In developing these new nozzle tips, the focus was upon secure colour changes using the VIX nozzle tip (left), and on optimum processing of engineered resins using the HT nozzle tip (right).


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