April 2 2012

INCOE® Introduces NEW Valve Gate Tip Designed for Fast Color Change Applications


April 2, 2012
INCOE® Introduces NEW Valve Gate Tip Designed for Fast Color Change Applications

NPE- Orlando FL, USA- INCOE® Corporation announced today the introduction of a new Valve Gate Tip featuring the VIX End Cap specifically designed for enhanced and fast color change performance. The tip geometry has been optimized for improved flow of material required in color change applications. This design is included in the recently expanded range of over 25 gate styles now available with Direct-Flo™ Gold hot runner systems.

VIX Valve Gate TipIn numerous applications ( i.e. Automotive Interiors), the new tip design has provided excellent color change results in a shorter period of time with substantially improved part quality.

The new VIX is applicable for both pneumatic and hydraulic systems using a tapered valve pin, and is suitable for use with INCOE®’s Unitized and Leak-Proof hot runner valve gate systems.

Together with the SoftGate® valve pin velocity control introduced at NPE for the first time in North America, INCOE® again demonstrates its commitment to continuous improvements and advances in process control to customers by providing solutions that yield higher productivity with improved part quality.


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