April 2 2012

INCOE® Introduces NEW Edge Gate System Technology


April 2, 2012
INCOE® Introduces NEW Edge Gate System Technology

NPE- Orlando FL, USA- INCOE® Corporation announced today the introduction a new Edge Gate nozzle design that simplifies integration and maintenance. The new design has been added to the proven Direct-Flo™ Gold series of hot runners and provides exceptional thermal control and sustainable part geometry in applications requiring a side entry gate location. Example applications include medical vials, syringes and pipettes. Edge Gate Nozzles

Edge Gate system features include:

    Split Mold Insert Design
    Simplified Assembly
    Variable Nozzles Lengths
    Profiled and Integrated Heater
    Quick Disconnect Wiring
    Thermal Tip Performance

Variable nozzle lengths from 80mm to 120mm can be specified to the exact dimension required providing complete design flexibility. The dual heater design ensures processing reliability, and is integrated into the nozzle body and gating area. The heater is profiled, applying heat where needed with thermocouple location placed precisely near the gate for optimized thermal control. The TIR results demonstrate the improved part geometry realized when using the new design.

Edge Gate nozzles are available in three configurations that allow for 1-2, 1-4 or 1-8 thermal tip gate locations around the circular nozzle head. Tips are coated for added durability and performance and can utilize our exclusive Opti-Flo® rheologically balanced manifolds for enhanced part quality.


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