June 1 2010

Omni Mold Ltd. saves Time and Money on 48 cavity medical part mold using INCOE® Opti-Flo®


June 1, 2010
Omni Mold Ltd. saves Time and Money on 48 cavity medical part mold using INCOE® Opti-Flo® and Beaumont Technologies Inc. expertise 


Opti-Flo® from INCOE® and Beaumont Technologies Inc.TROY MI, USA- INCOE® Corporation released today an example of how its long term collaboration with Beaumont Technologies, Inc. continues to pay off for mold makers and processors. The application involved a 48-cavity hot to cold runner system producing medical device parts. Due to confidentiality agreements in place, the end-user and details regarding the part are not available, however moldmaker Omni Mold Ltd. of Singapore shares their experience regarding this application.

James Lew, Omni Mold Ltd. stated, "We needed to build a 48-cavity hot-to-cold runner system to produce a tight tolerance medical device molded component. The high cavitations and the complexity of the mold prompted Omni Mold's engineers to contact Beaumont Technologies to provide mold filling and balancing solutions.

As part of the solutions proposed,
Beaumont Technologies recommended INCOE®'s Opti-Flo® hot runner system to control the material flow inside of the manifold, and also provided RCS cold runner MeltFlipper® technology. CAE mold filling simulation service to control the flow within the cold runner system and part cavities was also part of the solution. Upon first sampling of the new mold, the benefits were immediately realized as the system started up without any mold filling problems.

Right from the start, this saved Omni Mold rework and qualification costs that would have otherwise likely been incurred due to the inherent imbalanced cavity to cavity layout. The difficult mold layout was required by the post molding processes. We certainly have learned a great deal working with Beaumont and INCOE®, and plan on using them for future projects when it is applicable."

James Lew, Omni Mold Ltd.

Since 2003, INCOE® has provided hot runner manifold designs with the
Beaumont Technologies patented MeltFlipper® balanced manifold technology exclusively under license to INCOE® Corporation for use in their Opti-Flo® hot runner systems.

Robert Hoff, President and COO for INCOE® Corporation stated, "Our collaboration with
Beaumont Technologies has resulted in numerous challenging applications resolved through the use of Opti-Flo®.; this example being a complex, hi-cavitation medical part mold.  The relationship we’ve had with Beaumont Technologies makes servicing both of our customer's needs much easier."



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