June 24 2009

INCOE® Introduces AXP Feature Designed to Improve Integration of Long Nozzles


June 24, 2009
INCOE® Introduces AXP Feature Designed to Improve Integration
of Long Nozzles

NPE- Chicago IL, USA- INCOE® has developed a new Axial Protected (AXP) feature for longer Direct-Flo™ (DF) Gold hot runner nozzle designs with multiple heating zones. These types of systems are typically used to produce large components with deep nozzle bores in the injection half.

The new AXP feature eliminates the time and expense of adding a separate groove over the entire length of the nozzle bore in order to accommodate heater cables. This aids in reducing manufacturing costs for mold makers. The AXP design uses the same bore diameter that mold makers create for the hot runner nozzle. The heater cables are routed in an axial direction alongside the nozzle heater.

The cable outlet has been changed so that the bore geometry can be reduced and simplified. A conical guide spacer provides clean cable routing that simplifies nozzle installation into the bore. The spacer provides protection to wires and cabling and the diameter is less than the previously required dimension providing reduced nozzle spacing. Fiberglass and silicone sleeves protect the cables against the heating elements.

Robert Hoff, President and COO for INCOE® stated, “The AXP design helps mold makers simplify design and reduce manufacturing time. That equates to reduced mold making costs. We continuously look for ways to make system integration easier, and provide solutions that can positively impact our customers’ ability to compete.”





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INCOE®’s AXP (Axial Protected) feature shows the conical guide and cable protection used on various sized DF Gold nozzles


INCOE® AXP Nozzles


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