January 12 2009

INCOE® Launches New Multi Language Website Designed to Support Customers Globally


January 6, 2009
INCOE® Launches New Multi Language Website Designed to Support Customers Globally


Troy, MI USA-  INCOE® Corporation USA has announced completion of its new global website designed with full multi language capability for global markets. In recent years, INCOE® has worked to improve customer access to product and design information via the web, as evidenced in 2008 with the release of three multi language product guides in PDF and CAD formats made available on line.

A significant part of the new website development required that online access be expanded to include all brochures, manuals, advertisements, press releases and technical papers. Completely new and updated content has been developed including company overview and historic timeline, detailed product information, guidelines for material processing, troubleshooting and patents.

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The new also replaces previous regional sites making it a single information and contact resource for INCOE® customers around the world. Robert Hoff, President and COO for INCOE® stated, “The mandate to develop a new site included three key milestones. First, the site must be built to accommodate the addition of multiple languages as we continue to expand our presence. Second, the site must be a technical resource to assist our customers in the selection and use of our various hot runner and control products. Third, the site must be as informative as possible.”

To meet these mandates, the web development team identified the need for multiple layers of information ranging from general descriptive information, to detailed product specifications and geometry including 2D or 3D CAD data. These were categorized into “membership levels” of bronze, silver and gold. Upon completion of a simple membership form, unlimited access is provided to INCOE®’s customers via a secure login/ password.

Bronze membership requires only a valid email address to start downloading catalogs, brochures, manuals etc. Silver members have added access to complete 2D data. Gold members have access to the complete site including 3D data. Visitors can view the site to gain insight into INCOE®’s products and services. They can also submit an email address that provides access to select downloads.

Other newly developed custom features of the site include the “Product Search” function which associates markets and applications, with specific INCOE® products using selectable part sizes and shot weights. The search results collect and display suitable INCOE® products that closely match the part size and shot weight selected. It is flexible enough to provide multiple options of the various DF GOLD systems, and to provide other products for consideration such as temperature controls, sequential valve gate controls and hot halves. The search function does not replace the mandatory need for a complete application review, but does fast track a customers’ ability to identify and print or email search results for preliminary application reviews with INCOE®’s engineers.

The “Request-A-Meeting” feature of allows customers to connect with INCOE® representatives closest to their company location or during an industry trade event. Customers can select offices, executive, administrative, sales and technical support staff from a drop down menu. By completing the online request form, the appropriate INCOE® representative is automatically notified of the request to make contact and to finalize the time and date to meet. Throughout 2009, INCOE® plans to continue improvements and additions to the site including NPE related updates.


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