November 27 2006

Technical Paper- Evaluating Gate System Designs

November 27, 2006
Technical Paper- Evaluating Gate System Designs

INCOE Corporation was founded in 1958.  Our original patented design lead to the development of the first commercial hot runner nozzle for the injection molding industry.  Our pioneering efforts have paved the way for design concepts consistent with all major hot runner system technology suppliers worldwide.  INCOE has established the experience and long term commitment to quality, allowing us to provide, and most importantly support, the very best price/performance hot runner system technology available.  Products include:  Complete hot runner systems and controls, “Unitized” manifold systems, “Integrated” hot runner systems, Screen Pac material filters.

About INCOE® Corporation
Since 1958, INCOE® has engineered productivity built hot runner systems starting with their original patented design of the first commercial hot runner nozzle. Today, a wide range of nozzles and manifolds, pre-wired unitized systems, complete hot halves and advanced control technologies provide optimized systems suitable for appliances, automotive, caps/ closures, electronics, medical disposables, packaging , pharmaceutical and technical markets. A network of representatives in over 35 countries are supported by INCOE® facilities located in the United States, Germany, Brazil, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Wherever your molding operation is, INCOE® can support your business with complete hot runner systems engineered for your application. That's
INCOE® Hot Runner Performance..

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