August 26 2008

Introducing our new web site designed to support your business


August 26, 2008
Introducing our new web site designed to support your business

Troy, MI USA-
INCOE® is pleased to introduce our new web site designed with multi language capability to better support your business; wherever you are. The site provides secure membership access via a login/password function that allows you to download current INCOE® Product Catalog Pages, 2D CAD files, 3D CAD files, Product Manuals and Brochures.

Great care has been taken to provide a web-based resource that can change with your business needs while providing the latest information from INCOE® around the world.

In addition to the expanded download functions; guidelines for Material Processing and Troubleshooting have also been added. Company Information, History, Contacts, Trade show Calendar and Press Section etc. now offer enhanced functionality.

Key features of the new site include:

Product Search
The new Product Search feature provides a preliminary guide to identify INCOE® products suited for your application. By allowing you to select your market, part size and shot weight, the resulting search displays the various products that generally match your criteria. It is important for you to understand this feature does not replace the application review process, but is meant as a guide. The search results can be printed to aid in early design discussions with your colleagues and for review with our applications team.

Multi Language
To accommodate your business in various regions, the new site will include seven languages. English – launched with site. German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese are coming online soon. Additional languages will be added as required.

Membership Levels

Bronze Membership   Silver Membership   Gold Membership
You can view most areas of the site with download access to Brochures, Advertisements, Product Catalogs and Manuals.   You can view most areas of the site with additional download access to 2D CAD files.   You can view all areas of the site with full download access to Product Brochures, 2D CAD files, Manuals and Product Catalogs. Added function includes access to INCOE®’s 3D CAD library.

Request a Meeting
The “Request-A-Meeting” feature of allows you to connect with INCOE® representatives closest to your location or during an industry event; we’re ready to meet with you to discuss your needs. By filling out an online form, an INCOE® representative will contact you to finalize the time and date to meet.

We hope you find the new site to be a valuable resource and information tool.

To set up your membership go to: and find out more about INCOE® hot runners today!

Eric Seres
President and CEO
INCOE® Corporation USA

About INCOE® Corporation
Since 1958, INCOE® has engineered productivity built hot runner systems starting with their original patented design of the first commercial hot runner nozzle. Today, a wide range of nozzles and manifolds, pre-wired unitized systems, complete hot halves and advanced control technologies provide optimized systems suitable for appliances, automotive, electronics, medical disposables, packaging and technical markets. A network of representatives in over 35 countries are supported by INCOE® facilities located in the United States, Germany, Brazil, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Wherever your molding operation is, INCOE® can support your business with complete hot runner systems engineered for your application. That's
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