June 8 2006

New Product Release - Twin Heater


June 1, 2006
New Product Release - Twin Heater Reliability Introduced

Troy, MI USA - Twin Heater. INCOE®. strongly believes a major factor in the performance and reliability of hot runner systems relies upon heater quality, and therefore has always supplied a proprietary in-house manufactured heater. Molders are under enormous pressure to deliver “just in time” parts to their customers, while at the same time keeping spare parts inventory at a low level. Thus any interruption of production quickly can lead to a disastrous result.

In our effort of continuous improvement, INCOE® is introducing the Twin Heater. Unlike other systems available where two independent heater coils are wound on the nozzle body, the Twin Heater eliminates the possibility for proper heat profiling by combining two heating elements in one nozzle heater coil. The outside dimensions of the Twin Heater are absolutely identical with the former INCOE® nozzle heater and therefore interchangeable.

The second heating wire provides for the continuation of production if a failure should occur and as such eliminates downtime for heater replacement during production.

Failure of one heating circuit is clearly shown on the temperature controller by the output value of the respective control zone. Production is uninterrupted, even if the malfunction of the heater is not recognised by the operator. Thus the highest level of production is possible.


Twin Heater Twin Heater

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