June 8 2006

New Product Release - Back-to-Back Valve Gate


June 1, 2006
New Product Release -
Back-to-Back Valve Gate

Troy, MI USA - Back-to-Back Valve Gate. Compact yet functional designs are a necessity for stack mold applications. Common valve gate designs require the cylinders that operate the valve gate to be off-set in order to reduce stack height dimensions. Still this design generally results in larger molds and perhaps injection molding machine size. INCOE®’s new back-to-back design eliminates the offset requirement while making no compromise in stack height and presents the potential for cost savings in mold construction.

Back to Back Valve Gate Back to Back Valve Gate

INCOE Corporation was founded in 1958.  Our original patented design lead to the development of the first commercial hot runner nozzle for the injection molding industry.  Our pioneering efforts have paved the way for design concepts consistent with all major hot runner system technology suppliers worldwide.  INCOE has established the experience and long term commitment to quality, allowing us to provide, and most importantly support, the very best price/performance hot runner system technology available.  Products include:  Complete hot runner systems and controls, “Unitized” manifold systems, “Integrated” hot runner systems, Screen Pac material filters.

INCOE Products/Services
INCOE Corporation supplies Hot Runner solutions for commodity and engineered resins via the Direct-Flo(TM) product line.  With standard flow diameters ranging from 3mm up to 25mm, INCOE offers molding solutions for markets such as appliances, automotive, electronics, medical disposables and packaging.  The product is supplied for single drop, multi-cavity, valve-gate (hydraulic or pneumatic actuated), multi-tip and high cavitation stack mold applications.  The DF is often supplied as pre-wired Unitized Systems, complete Hot Halves and the Integrated Hot Runner System.  INCOE compliments their Hot Runner Products with single valve-gates, machine nozzles, screen pacs and temperature and valve gate sequential controls.

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