March 24 2008

INCOE®’s Next Generation Microcom® Controller Optimizes Hot Runner Performance



March 24, 2008
INCOE®’s Next Generation Microcom® Controller Optimizes Hot Runner Performance

Troy, MI USA- INCOE®’s next generation of advanced MICROCOM® hot runner temperature control technology delivers a new level of processing control. Unique to this controller is INCOE®’s patented* voltage correction technology developed for reliable and uninterrupted operation. The technology automatically maintains constant voltage output to the hot runner system; even when line voltages fluctuate. The feature also reduces or eliminates pre mature heater burn out.

Modular by design for maximum flexibility, and with up to 48 zones, the new controllers are specifically engineered for optimized hot runner performance; ready to meet production demands in any molding environment. Load protection has been integrated into the new design in the event the Triac control is shorted. Like the patented voltage correction feature, both are designed to eliminate system damage and lost productivity. Robert Hoff, President and COO for INCOE® stated, “The new MICROCOM® controller provides optimized productivity, improved process reliability and simplified troubleshooting; all supported by durable control technologies.” New user friendly features allow for flexible, yet secure management of the molding process. Added user control functionality now includes the selection of two “Soft Start” routines, adjustable min/ max temperature set point limits, pre set restart procedures and a user enabled lock feature to ensure your process is secure and controlled at all times. Hoff continued, “The MICROCOM® control technology has been engineered around decades of hot runner application experience in the toughest and most demanding markets. The new controller delivers superior performance at a very competitive price point.”

User selected controls include:
•    2 soft start routines set to 5 minutes or 212° F, whichever comes first
•    Adjustable Min/ Max temperature set point limits
•    Controller lock out feature
•    Automatic Controller start up or restart sequence when power is applied
•    Set temperature in °F or °C
•    Continuous auto-tuning
•    Dual displays show set temp and actual
•    Power indication displays wattage

•    INCOE® patented* Voltage Correction; maintains constant voltage output even
      when line voltage fluctuates.
•    Built in Load Protection if Triac module should be shorted out
•    Heater Monitoring and Auto Alarm detects wattage changes in the heater circuit
•    Anti-Arc feature prevents damage when removing or installing controller


*INCOE® patented Voltage Correction; maintains constant voltage output even when line voltage fluctuates. U.S.A. Patent 6,107,610. Other Patents Pending.

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