June 1 2006

Cooled Gate Insert provides optimal gate


January 1, 2005
Cooled Gate Insert provides optimal gate

Troy, MI USA - Cooled gate insert provides optimal gate. One of the essential factors for a successful injection process is a uniform temperature profile within the injection mould. This has a direct and basic influence on the cycle-time and the quality of the molded part.

Using a hot runner system results in an elevated temperature in the gate area of the mold as heat is transmitted from the contact area of the hot runner system into the mould. In general temperature difference between hot runner and mold are approximately 350-400 degrees F. If the gate area is not sufficiently cooled, defects and surface quality problems will result. Altering the cycle to attempt remedy yields negative economical conditions or increased rejects.

Elevated temperature may also cause valve gate pins to stick to the molded part. The pin is only in contact with the mold during cooling and ejection of the moulding. During this period of time it does transfer heat to the mold allowing some cooling. During the injection phase the pin is within the flow channel surrounded by the molten plastic material. Intensive cooling of the gate is then required for a successful process.

Up to now such cooling could only be realized with complex gate inserts, which are complicated to install into the mold. The patented cooling insert developed by INCOE combines optimal cooling of the gate with minimum effort for the mold manufacturer The cooling medium passes through the very front areas of the gate insert and effects turbulent flow thus optimal cooling. The boring details accommodate simple mold installation.

Cooled Gate

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