March 16 2004



March 16, 2004

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GENERAL Assembly error or errors in the electrical and hydraulic connections Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable for new units, possible with repairs
Leakage between nozzles and manifold Not applicable Not applicable Possible
Misalignment at nozzle/manifold transition Not applicable Not applicable Possible
Temperature drop in the nozzle/manifold transition zone Not applicable Not applicable Generally the case requires extra heat zone
System/mold insulation Excellent Excellent Average
SERVICING Replacement of cap and tip Simple On machine On machine
Replacement of front nozzle heating and T/C Simple On machine Usually possible
Replacement of rear nozzle heating and T/C Simple On machine Dismantled
Replacement of manifold sensor Simple On machine Dismantled
Check for oil and plastic leakage Simple On machine Dismantled
Cost Savings Simple On machine Dismantled
Cost Savings No retainer plate On machine service Plates from system suppliers generally more expensive than from mold builders.  Some in machine service capabilitie


Integrated hot runner systems design is created from the unitized concept.  On unitized systems, the nozzles and manifold block constitute a single drop-in unit.  The melt channel runs from the manifold block directly to the nozzle without any potential misalignment or dead spots.  Any potential for plastic leakage between the nozzles and the manifold block is eliminated since the nozzles are inserted within the manifold by a thread connection.  This eliminates the tendency for plastic leaks between the nozzles and manifold, which can occur during heat expansion of conventional bushing-type system designs.  Production is then interrupted in order to effect repair. 

Unitized systems are centered in the injection mold with minimal contacts made of materials that are poor heat conductors and do not require any clamping or pre-tensioning of the mold plates.  The minimal contact in unitized systems provides highly accurate and stable temperature profiles, with energy consumption substantially below that for conventional systems.

Integrated hot runner systems provide the injection molder the added benefits of the following:

Routine maintenance, which can be performed without removing the hot runner system from the molding machine.  While conventional injection halves also allow some maintenance to be performed when in the molding machine, it is limited to the very front of the nozzle area due to the retainer plate.  Servicing beyond this point requires the hot runner manifold system to be removed from the machine in order to expose the manifold system

Simple hot runner system/mold interchangeability.  Inserts can easily be interchanged without mold removal.

Valve gate operational plumbing, which can be serviced without disassembly. 

Additionally, all of the following operations can now be performed without removing the integrated system from the injection molding machine:

Gate tip exchange
End cap exchange
Nozzle heater exchange
Nozzle thermocouple exchange
Manifold thermocouple exchange
Complete hot runner inspection

Incorporating the integrated design involves preliminary review with the mold manufacturer to ensure proper operation.  The unitized hot runner manifold is mounted directly to the top plate of the mold for the complete operation of exposing the hot runner system while in the injection molding machine.

Since the hot runner system remains firmly attached to the stationary plate during this work, the mold can be repositioned again immediately after the service work is complete and can be ready for production again in just a few minutes.  Integrated systems can thus save several hours – or in large systems perhaps days – during routine hot runner system maintenance.

About INCOE® Corporation
Since 1958, INCOE® has engineered productivity built hot runner systems starting with their original patented design of the first commercial hot runner nozzle. Today, a wide range of nozzles and manifolds, pre-wired unitized systems, complete hot halves and advanced control technologies provide optimized systems suitable for appliances, automotive, electronics, medical disposables, packaging and technical markets. A network of representatives in over 35 countries are supported by INCOE® facilities located in the United States, Germany, Brazil, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Wherever your molding operation is, INCOE® can support your business with complete hot runner systems engineered for your application. That's
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