July 1 2004

New Product Release - Integrated Hot Runner Systems


January 1, 2004
New Product Release - Integrated Hot Runner Systems

Troy, MI USA -
Integrated Hot Runner Systems In order to satisfy the requirements of the Mold Manufacturing Market, most major Hot Runner Manufacturers provide “Injection Half of Hot Half” Hot Runner Systems. INCOE Corporation additionally provides our Mold Builder customers a “Unitized Hot Runner System which is a lower cost drop–in, completely wired alternative.  So that we can assist our Mold Manufacturer customers and provide yet another advantage to our mutual customer, “The Injection Molder”, INCOE Corporation has developed the “Integrated Hot Runner Technology. Combining the unitized design with a simple mold design modification, the now Integrated concept, provides the Injection Molder with these important benefits:

Routine maintenance without removing the hot runner system from the molding machine achieving any of the following:

    • Gate tip exchange
    • End cap exchange
    • Nozzle heater exchange
    • Nozzle thermocouple exchange
    • Manifold thermocouple exchange
    • Hot runner system completely exposed for thorough inspection.

Simple hot runner system/mold interchangeability.

Valve gate operational plumbing can be serviced without disassembly.

With conventional hot runner systems these operations generally require removal of the mold/hot runner system from the injection molding machine resulting in perhaps a loss of production up to one or more shifts. The Integrated system allows these same functions to be preformed in 1 to 2 hours.

Integrated Hot Runner System

About INCOE® Corporation
Since 1958, INCOE® has engineered productivity built hot runner systems starting with their original patented design of the first commercial hot runner nozzle. Today, a wide range of nozzles and manifolds, pre-wired unitized systems, complete hot halves and advanced control technologies provide optimized systems suitable for appliances, automotive, electronics, medical disposables, packaging and technical markets. A network of representatives in over 35 countries are supported by INCOE® facilities located in the United States, Germany, Brazil, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Wherever your molding operation is, INCOE® can support your business with complete hot runner systems engineered for your application. That's
INCOE® Hot Runner Performance.

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