June 5 2003

The Opti-Flo™ Hot Runner Manifold System with MeltFlipper™ Technolgy from Beaumont Inc.


January 1, 2003

The Opti-Flo™ Hot Runner Manifold System with MeltFlipper™ Technology by INCOE® Corporation and Beaumont Technologies Inc.

Troy, MI USA- The Opti-Flo™ Hot Runner Manifold System with MeltFlipper™ Technology by INCOE® Corporation and Beaumont Technologies, Inc.
After over 5 years in development, Beaumont  Technologies and INCOE introduce the first hot runner utilizing Beaumont’s patented MeltFlipperTM melt rotation technology – taking the industry standard to new levels.   INCOE® and Beaumont’s Opti-Flo™ design, incorporated in INCOE®’s manifold is the first scientifically designed hot runner system providing a homogeneous melt distribution and balanced filling to and across all cavities while avoiding invasive and restrictive mixers. The Opti-Flo™ System also replaces the, up to now, common practice of creating melt temperature variations in the drops to balance cavity filling. The result is improved product consistency and quality.

The Opti-Flo™ was a result of Beaumont’s engineers recognizing the main root cause of flow imbalances in the industry’s conventional hot runner designs was the same shear induced variation that it regularly solves in cold runner molds with its patented MeltFlipperTM technology. The first mold tested by Incoe and Beaumont was a 16-cavity tool, built by Sunset Mold Corporation in Venice, FL.  The solution was to adapt Beaumont’s revolutionary and proven method of controlled melt rotation technology to hot runners. The resultant Opti-Flo™ System neutralizes the shear induced non-homogenous melt conditions in the runner thereby optimizing the melt. The Opti-Flo™ does this without requiring restrictions or invasion of the flow channel. Classic static mixers invade the flow channel creating flow restrictions, which lead to increased pressure, melt stagnation and potentially degraded material causing maintenance issues, and rejected parts. Alternate methods, which attempt to balance filling by varying drop temperatures, create variations in melt temperature and corrupts the critical thermodynamic design of the system.  Additionally, the processor may lose the ability to control drop temperature to address day to day processing issues.

The beauty of the Opti-Flo™ System is its simplicity in operation and robust design.  The technology can be used with virtually any material while reducing color change problems, residence time, fill pressure, cycle time, process variation and clamp tonnage.   There are no expensive devices, no sophisticated controllers, no mixers, …no problems!!

The Beaumont / INCOE Opti-Flo™ hot runner system is simply the first scientifically designed Melt Optimized hot runner system available.


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