March 6 2020

COVID-19 Preparedness Statement




Dear INCOE customer,


As the global Covid-19 outbreak becomes more serious, INCOE would like to reassure our customers that we have long developed contingency plans in place to implement when needed at our strategically located manufacturing facilities around the world (USA, Germany, China, Singapore and Brazil) in order to minimize any impact on our customers.


While currently fully operational worldwide, INCOE's hot runner systems and the processes to design and manufacture them are standardized globally, allowing us to share or shift resources should an event occur - such as natural disaster, war, trade dispute or in this case, a viral pandemic.


INCOE has recently implemented a series of temporary employee policies to minimize the risk of exposure, such as restricting unnecessary travel, increasing the number of paid sick days, and encouraging more employees to work remote. We are also working with our supply chain to ensure uninterrupted delivery of the components necessary for our hot runner systems.


We realize how critical it is for our customers that their supply chains remain stable. We hope that with INCOE's contingency strategy in place, we maintain their confidence that we are well prepared and actively managing this new event.



Courtney Seres

Vice President Corporate Administration

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