March 11 2002

"DF" Valve Gate Hot runner System for Medical Disposable market.


March 2002
"DF" Valve Gate Hot Runner System for Medical Disposable market.

Troy, MI USA - "DF" Valve Gate Hot runner System for medical disposable market. The medical disposable market requires injection molded parts to be produced in very large quantities and of virgin high-quality plastic material free from regrind. Hot Runner Systems provide  the solution for this requirement as well as other benefits.

Application: Blood detoxification component
Material: polycarbonate or polysulfon
Molded part requirements:

1. No gate vestige that might otherwise damage the latex gloves used by hospital staff,
must be avoided.
2. Must be molded in clean production environment.
3. Part weight and dimension consistency is critical.
4. High process temperatures for PC (polycarbonate; up to 590 °F) or PSU (polysulfon; up to 750 °F).
5. Molding “window” is small easily influenced by shear conditions.

For these process requirements a pneumatic valve gate hot runner system was selected

    • Valve gates provide the best solution where gates vestige is not tolerated. A mechanical pin shut-off device positively closes off material flow leaving only a witness mark of the pin on the molded part.

    • Pneumatically actuated valve gates meet the clean molding environment requirement and provide consistent and rapid closing of the valve pin complimenting part weight and dimension requirements.

    • Equal cavity filling is achieved by providing a naturally balanced designed system also contributing to part weight and dimension consistency.

    • The large gate diameter of the valve gate design allows for rapid material flow without restriction allowing for low shearing of the melt.

    • Valve gate actuation also meets the high volume demands typical of the medical disposable market by contributing to the over all cycle reduction of the entire process.

Incoe DF systems are available completely wired including electrical connections for quick assembly and disassembly. In addition, the “unitized system concept” offers pneumatic cylinders directly fixed on the manifold. During routine maintenance it is not necessary to pull the valve pins. Incoe manufactured nozzle heaters are designed specifically for the DF product to ensure optimum heat profile. The temperature controls also are produced by Incoe Corporation providing our customers a complete designed Hot Runner Solution

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