Hot Half Technologies

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These INCOE systems combine plates and hot runner system components for reduced installation time in the mold.

INCOE hot halves are fully assembled, plumbed, wired and pre-tested for functionality prior to leaving our manufacturing facilities.  INCOE hot halves are ready for assembly to the cavity plate at the mold manufacturer, reducing delivery time to your customer.

Nozzle Design

DF GOLD Systems can utilize either our threaded DFQ nozzles, or our compression fit DFX nozzles.

Direct-Flo GOLD Shot Weight

6 nozzle types process from <20g up to 9000g shot weights. Nozzles are identified by runner/channel sized in mm as follows:

Nozzle Series  Shot Ranges
DF3   (3mm channel)   <20
DF5   (5mm channel)  <110g
DF8   (8mm channel)   30-675g
DF12 (12mm channel)  140-2000g
DF18 (18mm channel)  420-3500g
DF25 (25mm channel)  900-9000g

INCOE Hot Half Packages are ideal for the following Industries and Applications:

Complete Hot Half Systems
Pre-wired assembled and tested hot half packages
Aerospace Aerospace Appliances Appliances
Automotive Automotive Caps/Closures/Packaging Caps/Closures/Packaging
Multicolor Multicolor Multi Component Multi Component
Medical Medical Multi Material Multi Material
Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Technical/Electronics Technical/Electronics
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