DMT Multi Tip Nozzle Technologies

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INCOE's Multi tip nozzles offer 6 tips located on each nozzle. The design is ideal for micro to small part molding of multiple plastic parts per nozzle, or for multiple gates onto a single complex plastic part. Multi tip nozzles provide an economical design for high cavitation molds when using commodity materials.

Gate Styles
Thermal Tip, Open Gate

The DMT5, Multi-Tip can have 2 points as close as 13mm, and up to 6 points on a 26mm circle.

Nozzle Design
Systems utilize DFX style nozzles featuring a compression fit onto the manifold.

Shot Weight

Nozzles Shot Ranges
DMT5 (5 mm channel) <110g

And are ideal in the following industries / applications:

Multi Tip - DMT5 <110g
Multi Gate Nozzle Technology
Multi Tip - DMT5 <20g
Multi Gate Nozzle Technology
Aerospace Aerospace Appliances Appliances
Automotive Automotive Caps/Closures/Packaging Caps/Closures/Packaging
Multicolor Multicolor Multi Component Multi Component
Medical Medical Multi Material Multi Material
Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Technical/Electronics Technical/Electronics
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