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INCOE’s DF3 series systems are specifically designed for micro to small part applications (0.1g to 20g) including high cavitation common in the pharmaceutical, medical, and technical markets. With its compact design, DF3 is also suited for close center applications featuring a minimum pitch of 19mm. This allows for a reduced mold base and smaller machine size, yielding a cost effective molding operation.

Gate Styles
Thermal Tip & Open.
Nozzle Design
INCOE DF3 nozzles utilize our threaded DFQ threaded base.

Shot Weights
Micro molded parts use the DF3 type of nozzles with <20g shot weight.

Nozzles Shot Ranges
DF3 ( 3 mm channel)



DF3 Micro Series
DF3-3mm channel- DFQ style only
DF3 Round Manifold
Micro Series - DFQ style only
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