A History of Innovation

INCOE has a rich history of pioneering the advancement of plastics processing in hot runner technology. Starting out in 1958 as INjection COntrol Engineering in the United States, INCOE Corporation has developed hot runner technology for injection molded plastic applications in virtually every market around the world.

A global company that is 100% family owned and operated, founder Mr. Alex Seres, set the benchmark for developing products that add value and ease of use; always with customer productivity and customer service in mind. INCOE’s development of the first commercial hot runner nozzle expanded the use of plastics by increasing process efficiencies from material savings and cycle time. This then new technology opened the door for design engineers as they moved to replace heavy metal cast parts for example, with lighter weight plastics.

Of particular relevance today is that environmentally, the use of hot runner technology eliminates material scrap destined for landfill as well as reducing power consumption.




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