INCOE Hot Runner Terminology

INCOE presents helpful product descriptions to aid you in identifying our products using our terminology. Pages are in PDF format, ready for download. Published technical articles are also made available here for your education and expanded knowledge of hot runner processes designed to improve injection molding.

Introduction to Direct-Flo Gold

Direct-Flo Hot Runner Systems are the result of over 5 decades in hot runner design and manufacturing experience. The Direct-Flo Gold (DF Gold) series is a refinement complementing the proven DF concept, and was introduced in celebration of our 50th year (2008) in business.

INCOE nozzle designs are comprised of “DFQ” (thread style) and “DFX” (compression style) which are based on the well-established Direct-Flo (“DF”) principle. Plastic material is conveyed from the machine nozzle to the cavity by the most direct path thus minimizing stress and reducing pressure.

Six nozzle series are available with lengths up to 600 mm accommodating small to very large shot weights. Each nozzle series has 14 standard gates including hydraulic or pneumatic Valve Gate for highest gate quality.


DF Gold Features Include:

  • Twin Heater
    The heater incorporates two separate heating circuits in each nozzle heater. This redundancy provides for uninterrupted production if a single heater circuit failure should occur and allows for easy replacement during a planned maintenance period.
  • Improved Gating Configurations
    Several new tip designs have been added for increased application flexibility. All tips utilize a proprietary coating that yields increased wear resistance.
  • Color Seal
    In the event our standard color change purge process fails to remove all the previous material, the color seal eliminates the potential for any material to take residence in this area.


Integrated Leak-Proof Systems

  • Click here to download a PDF on INCOE Integrated Leak-Proof Systems



  • Click here to download a PDF on INCOE gate styles


Torque Forces

  • Click here to download a PDF regarding torque forces used on INCOE nozzles and caps


Nozzle Part List

  • Click here to download a PDF of INCOE nozzle part list


DFQ/DFS Manifold Assembly

  • Click here to download a PDF regarding INCOE DFQ/DFS manifold assembly


DFX Manifold Assembly

  • Click here to download a PDF regarding INCOE DFX manifold assembly



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