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Flexibility & Repeatable Part Quality

Production challenges of larger parts require advanced knowledge of polymer flow and part filling characteristics to ensure high volume repeatability and production reliability. As your hot runner technology partner, INCOE brings decades of application experience and production know-how. We have the expertise to provide systems that perform whether your dealing with ongoing color change and soft-touch grips, or part designs with sharp undercuts.

Fully balanced hot runner systems with Opti-Flo manifolds provide the repeatability and production advantages the industry demands. A full range of gating options and system configurations, custom or standard ensure you have the right system for the job. Coupled with our range of sequential controls, or the SoftGate Valve Pin Velocity Control that offers improved cosmetic finish, INCOE hot runner systems deliver the performance advantages you need.

Shot Weight ranges for Thermal Tip, Multi-Tip, Open and Sprue Systems
Nozzles are identified by runner / channel sized in mm as follows:

Shot Ranges
DF5     (5mm channel)
DF8     (8mm channel)
DF12   (12mm channel)
DF18   (18mm channel)
DF22   (22mm channel)  500-4000g
DF25   (25mm channel)


Shot Weights for Valve Gated Systems
Nozzles are identified by runner / channel sized in mm as follows:

Shot Ranges
DF5     (5mm channel)
DF8     (8mm channel)
DF12   (12mm channel)
DF18   (18mm channel)
DF22   (22mm channel)  500-4000g
DF25   (25mm channel)


INCOE Product Search…Selecting the Best Hot Runner System
To start the process of identifying which INCOE hot runner system is best suited to your application, our easy to use Product Search program allows you to narrow down your options. By selecting from drop down menus the Industry/ Application, Part Size and Shot Weight, the Product Search displays the various INCOE product options that may be considered. A review with INCOE‘s application engineering dept is required for final selection. Click HERE to start your Product Search.


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