3D CAD Modules


The Gate 3D CAD Modules provide preliminary 3D CAD models for the most important and critical area of the hot runner system – the gate cutout geometry. These models can be used during the preliminary mold design phase to check that there is no interference between mold features and the cutout for the nozzle and gate assembly.

A few words of caution on using this 3D CAD Modules tool:

For INCOE Hot Runner Systems designs, all final design information must come directly from INCOE for your specific project and application. To say in other words, do not cut steel based on the preliminary CAD data available on our website. It is here to help early in the preliminary design phase and is not final engineering data.

If you are not familiar with INCOE Hot Runner Systems, our DF Nozzle Series or our gating styles, then STOP and consult with an INCOE Sales or Applications Engineer before proceeding.

INCOE design data is subject to change and improvements. ALL design data contained digitally or in print is subject to an application review by INCOE’s application engineering department. INCOE assumes no liability for files used in advance of design approval. Always make certain to contact INCOE application engineering department to ensure correct design.

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 I have read these instructions above and understand I will wait for final design data from INCOE before fabrication.
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